Juicy Spoilers is Back!

Beads of sweat pooling on your forehead, your hands are shaking, no clue how you got to the front of the telly and your eyes are wide open! Your mouth just dropped open. You’re expecting the unexpected. Full concentration, you can’t hear and see anything else besides the T.V. Then bam! Black screen. End of episode! This could be one of the most heart wrenching moments ever. You’ve just been cliffhung.

We live for our soaps; we get excited waiting for the time it will start. We plan our evenings around them. Missing one episode isn’t allowed, because we all know watching it live is way better than watching the catch up.


Mac promises to take control of his life before his sickness takes over and leaves Marnie sickly worried. To cheer Nick up, Holly and Zack plead Lisa to let them throw a party at the Love boat. Nick meets Holly to tell her that the police have new evidence but Tegan spots them, guess someone’s in trouble! Yasmine steals Peri’s earrings and get into a fight.

Neeta confronts them and Yasmine sides with Peri. Yasmine now wants revenge and tells Peri to steal her tablet. Nick is not happy about the surprise Holly arranged for him and is furious with her. Neeta realises her tablet is missing and demands for a bag search when Yasmine has left Peri with the tablet. Grab your bags guys, we’ve got some sticky fingers around here!


Pierce can’t enjoy his party due to his jealousy and decides to crash Rhona’s party at The Woolpack. The way Pierce wears his heart on his sleeve is just breath-taking! Vanessa continues to interfere in the pair’s relationship and determinedly texts the number she found on a note Pierce had threw. Vanessa arranges a meeting with the mystery contact. Rhona is delighted on Pierce’s appearance at her party but the couple is shocked when Vanessa walks in with… who can guess??

Ronnie convinces Adam to be open about his problems and Adam pushes him away, oooooh sassy! Tracy finds out David and Leyla have been writing enthusiastic reviews of her novel, she should be happy, right?? Most of us would be! Vanessa continues her interference; how will Rhonda and Pierce react to this stranger’s arrival?


Woody manages to charm Carmel but the Carter family are very cold and unwelcoming towards him. Bummer!! Bex doesn’t forgive Louise and insists that their friendship is over, guess Louise really outdid herself! Michelle gave Louise a shoulder to cry giving her hope and telling her how her relationship with Sharon has been over the years.

Lauren has a job interview at Max’s company. Steven treats her an outfit and a romantic meal. Benn offers Donna a place to stay, with him and Jay, but Jay isn’t happy about the idea.

Coronation Street

Peter, Daniel and Tracy are shocked when Adam is arrested for the attempted murder of Ken. Tracy was probably involved! Adam is then interviewed by the police and they let him in on how his fingerprints were found in the kitchen the night Ken was assaulted, what?! Adam is left stunned. Bethany makes Nathan breakfast in which he takes a picture and sends it to his mate Neil.

Sarah is angry when she finds out that David allowed Bethany to stay at Nathan’s place. Sarah bursts into the salon and drags Bethany back home. Kate and Fiz discuss Jenny’s wedding plans where Johnny makes it clear he’s tired of hearing about it. Then, get out mate!

If you enjoy these spicy spoilers pop into as you never know when you’ll get updated ones! Come and talk about it to your friends and friendly CM’s while playing bingo games online in the chat rooms! Discuss and predict what is more likely going to happen in the next episode of your favourite soap!

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