Juicy Spoilers is BACK!

Spoiler Alert! Here we go again with the soaps that we all know and love. Yes! EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks have always been firm favourites. These soaps have been on tv for ages and have captured the hearts of many people. Some people will do anything not to miss an episode. Let’s take a look at some juicy spoilers that these soap have to offer.


Alcohol is known as the truth serum! But it also can present unexpected surprises. And this is what happened to Ben and Callum. Ben shows his true feelings for Callum and they end up kissing… A French Kiss Guys! After shouting "You just light the fuse and stand back and wash your hands," Callum’s anger turns to desire and then kisses Ben. Besides this romantic storyline, there are some threatening scenes between Mel Owen and Sharon’s son! The blackmail plot continues…

Coronation Street

Britain’s longest-running soap opera has some spicy storylines going on! Here are some massive spoilers ready to hit the show! Who would’ve thought that Gary and Marie are in a new relationship…And that it’s Sarah who spotted the vibe between them. Moving on to Kel, he is diagnosed on a bleed in his brain, yet the reports said he’ll be able to recover. When he regained consciousness, he tells Gemma, Bernie and Chesney about the homophobic comment. This made Paul create a false story and pushed him to apologise to Kel. Also, Debbie comes back with big news…!


The shocking discovery that Pete makes will reveal the truth when he finds Moira’s phone with a bizarre message from Nate on it! Another spoiler-filled scene is when Kerry makes a confession! Yes, she finally does say that she was behind Frank’s tragic demise…. This soap has been in the lives of many people for decades. And becomes more interesting each year since its launch in the 1960s.


This soap first appeared in 1995. Over the years, it has been one of the most successful soaps around. The new episodes coming are imminent! With Michell confessing his feelings… Will he able to break the barrier? Frustrated Scott telling him that his actions were just as a "drunken mistake’’ Scott confides in Cleo further. "What if this isn't a mistake? If he would just admit how he feels," he tells her. This show seems to be full of intense surprises for all to enjoy!

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