International Bacon Day

International Bacon Day, also known as Bacon Day - is an unofficial celebration. It is celebrated on the Saturday before US Labour Day. However, several cultures celebrate it on the February 19th. Or it takes place on the first Saturday in January, after the new year.

International Bacon Day festivals normally include social gatherings during which people consume dishes comprising of bacon. These include bacon-themed dinners, lunches, breakfasts, drinks and desserts. This gathering may also include turkey bacon or soy bacon.

Origin of International Bacon Day

A group of graduates from Boulder, Colorado claim to have invented this special day, in 2004. Within the UK, mainly the city of Manchester. Bacon Day is celebrated by various students on January 14th, prior to January examinations. They consider it as a distraction from revision. Guess what? Bucknell pupils are also well-known for their bacon day festivities. That is why they are called “Meatheads”.

How to Celebrate International Bacon Day

Lucky Pants Bingo presents to you several tips on how to celebrate Bacon Day.

  1. Cook bacon in a variety of ways. You can make use of a bacon strip for each of these methods. Make sure to do a taste test to see which one is the most pleasant.
  • Broil Bacon
  • Grill Bacon
  • Pan Fry Bacon
  • Bacon in the oven
  • Bacon in the microwave
  1. Turn bacon into sweets and desserts. You can create many edible things with bacon – more than you think! Some of them are chocolate bacon and candied bacon. Or prepare sweets such as bacon toffee or bacon brittle. Now if you are in the mood to bake, why not make a bacon cake, bacon hazelnut cookies or bacon chocolate chip cookies?
  2. Enjoy bacon with every meal of the day. Cook bacon and eggs for breakfast, a mouth-watering bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich for lunch and steak with bacon-wrapped asparagus for dinner - good idea!
  3. Encourage your vegetarian friends or colleagues to enjoy this celebration. Maybe, they could try vegetarian bacon. Yes, it does exist! A popular brand is Smart Bacon. With the texture of real bacon, you won’t taste the difference. Even your friends on diets won’t be left out. The dishes can be made easily with turkey bacon.

Are you ready to celebrate International Bacon Day? Make it a memorable one!

Lucky Pants Bingo