How to Play Bingo Online

You have come to the right place if you want to know how to play bingo games online. This short guide covers everything that you require to understand in order to have an entertaining bingo experience at Lucky Pants Bingo!

Choosing a Username

When signing up you don’t really need to enter your real name as your username. Instead you can pick an easy to remember and fun alias by which your posts will be shown when chatting or playing.

On the Start tab, you have the option to view your account details. Here you will get an overview of your accumulated total number of free cards, free spins, loyalty points and cashback percentage.

Navigating on the site                                           

Start familiarising yourself with the user friendly tabs that will lead you to the page of your choice. This can be the Bingo, Slots & Games, My Favourites, Promos, Lucky Club, Community, or Help.

On the lobby itself, you will find the bingo schedule. This is the pre-arranged time when each and every bingo game is going to start in each of the rooms. And anytime of the day or any day of the year when you log in on the site, there’s always a bingo game starting imminently that you can play.

Click on the Bingo tab to head to the Bingo Lobby. Here you will have options and information about the bingo games along with the mini games as well. Pick Lucky Club to discover all the Free Bingo games where you can participate. Pressing on Bingo will show you all the available bingo rooms, jackpot available, number of players, cost of a bingo card, time of next game for each of these bingo rooms. You will find other options such as Prebuy rooms, No Limit Bingo, Features Games and Freebies.

The Basics of Bingo and Game Varieties

The game of online bingo is quite straightforward. Simply access the bingo room according to the game that you want to play, and pick your bingo card strips or your preferred number of cards. Bingo variations available at Lucky Pants Bingo include the popular 90 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo, and 5 Line Bingo. These rules differ slightly from each other, but it works the same way. You can win the pot by either marking off a line, multiple lines, all numbers, or a particular pattern depending on which game you are playing.

  • 90 Ball Bingo - Bingo cards of a 90 ball bingo game are made up of 3 horizontal lines and nine columns. Each horizontal line has 5 numbers, making a total of 15 numbers per card ranging from number 1 to 90. This game is in three parts. Firstly, your aim is to be the quickest to complete a horizontal line on their card. Then you can go for any two lines, and lastly you are required to mark off all three lines which is known as full house.
  • 75 Ball Bingo - Here the bingo cards are five columns and five horizontal lines, while the middle space of the card has no number and is known as free. Your objective is to complete particular patterns to win the game. There is a huge variety of patterns that you can cover, and this range from letters, numbers, forms, and even cover all.
  • 5 Line Bingo – The bingo cards of 5 Line Bingo is similar to 75 Ball Bingo, except there is no free space in the middle. There can be five winners in each game. You can either win on a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally on the 5x5 bingo card. This speedy type of bingo game appeals to many players, which explains its popularity on the site.

Put on your luck pants and start the bingo adventure at Lucky Pants Bingo in hosted rooms such as Lucky Stripes, Red Hearts, Penny Heaven, Turbo and Fat Cat!

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