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Hollyoaks Scoop: Harry’s Secret Disclosed?

Peeps, in today’s episode there might be some tension in the air. Ellie founds it hard to call in on his brother the ‘’murderer’’. Harry convinces Ellie to come along with him. When they set foot there, Ellie is submerged with emotions. It’s clear that it is too much for her. James, on the other hand, is boiling because Harry dragged her sister into this place. Not an appropriate environment for her. He sends them off. Next, Ste discovers that Harry paid a visit to James. In the interval, Romeo tries to awe Lily by parroting a poetry to her while in the Jacuzzi.

Prince was able to arrange for DJ James Hype for a final rave, but here is the problem, they have to find £2000 by the end of the day. Do you think they will succeed? Hm…. They go to The Dog to induce Ellie into recruiting them as cleaners. Somewhere else, Misbah was more or less about to tell the doctor that she is a victim of physical abuse by her son. She is racked up in pain. However, she decides not to reveal anything, thus covering Imran again. Later on, Yazz spots some contusions on Misbah’s arms and she is shocked to find out that Imran has hurt her again. She is very eager to sort everything out. Also, Imran is trying to make it up to Brooke Hathaway because they had a catastrophic date. He decides to offer an invitation to her for a Black and White photography exhibition.

Emmerdale Scoop: Nicola has a pitiless plan!

Nicola puts her heartless plan into action. With the help of Bernice, they tempered with Misty’s tarot cards, then request for a reading. Do you know what will happen next? Her plan is known to everyone when Bernice confesses that they meddled with Misty’s tarot cards. Misty tries to understand why they want to stop Rodney from travelling to Thailand. The question is: how will they give an explanation?

Coronation Street Scoop: Will Henry steal to solve his problems?

In today’s episode, a lot of actions will unfold! Here is a foretaste! Henry observes Rita as she puts a £15,000 cheque into a drawer. He is stopped by two people who are determined to make him pay £20,000 to Cressida’s family for the wedding ceremony. When he gets back into the flat, Henry searches through the drawer. Smartypants, do you think he will steal the cheque? Somewhere, Jenny and Johnny are at the pub. There are rumours and gossips about their changes undergoing at The Rovers. However, they still reject the idea to show anyone a sneak peek before the big relaunch night…. How will the launch night turn out? Any idea?

EastEnders Scoop: What’s Wrong With Ted?

In the upcoming episodes, Karen takes the decision to support Bernadette during her next chess match. She hopes Ted will regard her favourably. Afterwards, during the match, Keegan and Karen discover several missed calls from Ted on Bernadette’s mobile phone. Is something wrong with Ted? In the meantime, Kathy succeeds in getting Ian to talk to her. They have an open conversation about their relationship. Here is one thing! What will be her reaction when she discovers how hurt Ian is?

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