The temperature is about to rise, not just because it’s finally summertime, but because our eyes are about to witness some hot summer 2019 trends. Looks that will hit Instagram and other social media in a blink of an eye. All the attention is now drawn on the catwalks where models are dangling in flattering and fluid outwears. Designers from Valentino, Burberry to Givenchy have tailored easy trend to adopt this season. Let’s decode what’s been in vogue.

It’s all about Tie-dye!

Sunglasses on please, the 60s print are out and ready to rule the fashion shows. If you’ve been on the radar, chances are you’ve spotted some tie-dye prints during Stella McCartney, Prabal Gurung and R13’s shows. From light colours to flashy looks that hurt the eye, you should get ready for the recurrence of the tie-dye patterns with groovy stripes, polka dots and swirls…. Endless patterns from various techniques. If the price tags are worth one-month salary, you can always DIY at home.

Oh-so Fancy Flats

Let’s say bye to our boots, heels or old sneakers. Fancy flats are the new mania. You’ll be closer than ever to earth spending the next months comfy while making a statement. From frou-frou to eccentric details, you might fall in love with one that matches your style best.

If it Rains?

Summer in the UK is quite special, there might be drops of water or a downpour. In these moments, we still want to slay with some good-looking outfits. Is it not? One of the fads this summer is the fair-weather waterproofs clothing. We can never be too prepared. From oversized to knee length waterproof coats, they should serve you well.

Sequins are “In” this Summer

Have they ever not been?  During your chill night outs with your girlfriends, have your well deserve dose of sequins to scintillate in the dark. Blindingly glittering clothing are in season and we just can’t ignore them.

We’ve arrived at the end and whether you are into fashion or not, you’ll most probably find a trend that will fit you perfectly. Let’s rock the summer in style!

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