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On this Friday, our juicy spoilers’ team has some fresh gossips up its sleeves. Lucky Pants Bingo never misses a chance to share the titbits on your upcoming shows. Whether you are a fan of Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale or Hollyoaks, there’s zesty news for everyone. There’s a surprise at the end and it might be some fresh spins. Until then, keep reading. 

Let’s start off with Coronation Street! David shares his unpleasant experience and at the same time, Nick feels guilty. Therefore, he offers David to move back. David insists that it is not necessary. Nick later reveals to Leanne how he let David down and how he’s going to abandon him once again. Leanne says that he should remain near. Nick is cheered up.

In the meantime, Abi who is angry goes to the police station to show the CCTV footage, which proves her innocence. She is shocked to learn from Kevin that the laptop has been robbed. Tracy feels terrible.

Somewhere else, Sinead is shocked when Claudia discloses that Ken had shared with her everything about her cancer. One thing for sure, she will support her every step along the way.

During dinner, Emma shares her feelings on Chesney’s performance as a boyfriend. She further acknowledges that he should improve himself.

Tonight, on EastEnders, the roofs will be blown away. Jean makes a protest! She shares that she was just trying to help. However, Hayley is enraged about what she has done.

Kat hasn’t stopped giving Hayley a hard time and this creates more tension. Things get worse. Hayley concludes that she must take a big decision. What will happen?

In parallel, Karen attempts to help Keanu. She’s been through so many things the past week.

It’s Bex Birthday and he turns 18. She reveals that her gift from Shakil is a ride in a hot air balloon and this will mark that special day.

Keep up with the juicy info Emmerdale’s fan. Debbie is lost for words when her attorney tells her that she was granted a bail and that she can go back home. However, she is distressed when she hears that she should stay in prison for 5 years.  She cries……

In some place, Moira gets annoyed when Cain does not answer any of her questions. She wants to know where he was and what has been going on with Graham.

Hollyoaks!!!!!!! Max stumbles on a phone and wants to keep it. On the other hand, Russ gets mad and calls the latter a thief, the McQueens con artists and Mercedes a ‘’lazy cow’’. Then, Mercedes confronts Russ about his bad attitude. He says sorry and lets Max keep the phone he found.

Later…. A scene pops up… it’s Sylver’s old phone and guess what it hides… the evidence against Sylver and Mercedes.

Misbah tells Imran that they will go to the police station. This time Imran will discover who he really is. How will things turn out?

It’s Rose birthday today and Scott is booked as the entertainer.

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