It’s the third week of April! And you know what time it is? It’s time to say Happy Birthday to Lucky Pants Bingo! Exactly six years ago today, Daub Alderney came up with the fantastic idea to introduce the world to Lucky Pants Bingo. Six years later, we’re still letting the pants fly high!

On this important occasion, we thought of going down memory lane and remember what made the highlights of Lucky Pants Bingo! Wear your party hats and let’s throwback, shall we?

Where It Started…

It was back in 2013 when an idea popped up in the mind of our gaming operator. Why not create something fun? Something that’s bold and bingo? And that was the beginning of Lucky Pants Bingo. With bingo rooms tucked away in the lobbies, waiting to welcome players of all kinds, the site’s reputation grew in no time! Slowly, we discovered the fun of slot games, featuring them for all those who fancied them! But more had to come…

Two Stars Were Born!

The cold nights of early February 2014 witnessed the entrance of our superheroes; Betty Balls and Luke Pants. Two different personalities, they were both true celebs. Betty was a lady… a sweet lady with a kind heart. Shy by nature, she never let her introversion define her! A conversation was a must for everyone she encountered in the rooms!

Betty’s prince charming was Luke Pants, a romantic and always-excited fellow! Not that they were totally different, but they completed each other. Mr Pants and Miss Balls went viral during the years 2014 and 2018! Name a silent bingo room and the pair would soon join to turn it into a living celebration!

But The Show Was Not Over!

Lucky Pants Bingo still maintained the liveliness spirit that it had. And we’ve been doing great! The introduction of the 3 Radical Games left players in amazement, mostly because they can win Free Spins, extra Bingo Cards and even Loyalty Points.

Lucky Laundrette allows our players to enjoy some spinning sensation to win prizes. Not to forget What’s In Your Pants Scratch Card, revealing the secrets behind covers! Such promos are here to keep on the crazy and sassy atmosphere!

But we cannot ignore the promotions that have certainly been among the most enjoyed! Lucky Dip was here to treat freebies to all those who were topping up their account! With Slot Championship, you would be going home with a cash prize because you played your favourite slot! Of course, the list will be incomplete without the Treasure Chest promo, where gold coins were redeemed for prizes.

And Here We Are…

2019 and still sassy! Maybe more than before… Much more wonders will surely be hitting Lucky Pants Bingo soon. More slots to enjoy and more promo to claim. But wait… it’s Lucky Pants Bingo’s Birthday and there’re no treats? This is not done yet! Here’s a deal… Head to our Facebook Page where a trivia is waiting for you! Plot twist; the answer lies in this blog!

What’s waiting for you? Some free tickets for the latest April Shower £20K Bingo Game! Will you manage to get all five lines to go home with the bumper prize?

Lucky Pants Bingo

Josh is passionate about online games and has extensive knowledge within the gaming industry. He currently writes for Lucky Pants Bingo, where he’s applying his top skills. Josh's main objective is to make players’ experience a fantastic gaming session through his writing expertise.