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Looks like trouble is brewing on the square, there’ll goodbyes on the Dales, doubt is filling the air on the street and an old face is to return to the village! Yes, this can mean only one thing, it’s our round up of the latest happenings on our favourite soaps! Keep reading to find out who has been up to what. Are you sitting comfortably? You’ll need to brace yourself for the week ahead! As we love spoiling people at Lucky Pants, we’ve got 50 Free Spins for 5 lucky players up for grabs!

Coronation Street

We can all breathe a sigh of relief! Shona Platt wakes up from her coma and is not able to recognise anyone – even her husband David! Will life ever be the same after the shooting? 

Things are getting a bit desperate for Steve at the minute! It appears that Tracy is having big doubts about her marriage to Steve. She asks is it worth the effort to continue the marriage. But Steve tries to breathe new life into their relationship and asks Tracy to re-marry!

After guilt gets the better of her, Fiz goes to the police after finding out Derek had used the gun that she had bought in a house clearance. It doesn’t end there for Fiz! Social workers turn up and tell Fiz and Tyrone that she must leave their home in order for the girls to return.


It’s all unravelling on Albert Square! Bex can’t help but notice that Louise is finding it hard after Keanu’s disappearance. She speaks to Lisa about it. In the end, Louise breaks down and tells her mum Lisa everything! All this after Ben telling Louise not to talk to anyone about it.

It looks like Martin is in the clear when his hit-and-run victim wakes up. But all is not what it seems! Despite Martin being over the moon, his victim makes a startling demand from Sonia… What could it be?

It’s high noon over at the Vic! Shirley has been pushing Mick to man up and ask Linda about who she spent New Year Eve with! She tells Mick that he can’t ignore what happened and tells Mick that Linda has a problem with alcohol. When Mick confronts Linda, she is shocked to hear what he has to say and that she knows nothing about the accusation.


It’s all over for Graham! The game is up! Ryan figures out that Graham has been a naughty boy and cooking the books at the adventure centre business! But we will quickly learn that Graham has some tricks up his sleeve and is not afraid to dish some dirt on Ryan! So, are they going to come to an arrangement?

Poor Aaron, as if seeing your husband jailed for murder isn’t enough! Pete informs him that he won’t be able to see Robert’s son Seb anymore? Rebecca has stopped him from visiting the boy!  Talk about being kicked when you’re down!

It all comes to a head when Aaron gives Liv a piece of his mind! Liv’s worried when Aaron goes missing. After, she walks in on him and a guy he has met. Aaron loses it, gives her the hairdryer treatment and doesn’t hold back!


After months of torment at the hands of Breda McQueen, Tony returns home to Chester and is reunited with his family. His wife Diane is getting ready for his return and had been certain that Tony had left her for somebody else. In that time, she has developed a very close relationship with Tony’s father… Oh dear… Will jealousy take over on Tony’s return?

Also, Warren Fox is due to make a return to the village! After spending the night worrying about her brother, Sienna gets a strange message to meet in the village. She finds Warren waiting for her. Warren tells her that something has happened to one of the twins! What does he have in store for Sienna?

Elsewhere in the village, Scott and Mitchell cross paths after their messy breakup. Mitchell reveals that he wants to go back to being friends. But Scott is not interested and is seen with another guy!

Now back to the 50 Free Spins to be won! All you need to do is answer the following question below and 5 winners will pick up the Free Spins.

As Warren makes his big return to Hollyoaks, can you name the twins?

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