Fun Christmas Party Games Ideas

It’s not hard to get into the jolly mood when the gifts have just been unwrapped and Mariah Carey is screaming through the speakers! But there’s nothing wrong in turning jolly into super jolly through some holiday games. If you’re hosting a Christmas party this year and looking for some ways to entertain after dinner, then this list is for you! First on our list of Christmas Party games is…

Christmas Carol Pictionary

You start by writing down a list of Christmas Carols on flash cards. Then divide players into separate teams. One person takes a card from the pile of cards and gets one minute to illustrate the Christmas Carol. The rest of the team has to guess what the carol is. If they do, they will get a point! Be sure that the team’s artist is rotated. All teams keel going until they reach 20 points!

Siamese Gift Wrap Game

The idea behind this game is to throw down the gauntlet to your guests and see who can wrap presents the fastest! However, players must work together and can only use one hand to wrap the gift!

Who has the ornament?

Get your guests to sit in a circle and place one person in the middle. Each guest sits with their hands behind their backs. The people in the circle must pass the ornament around the circle without the person in the middle noticing! If some gets caught, then it’s their turn to sit in the middle.

The Tinsel Game

Time to get creative! Divide the teams into 2 teams, then give the two teams a word or the name of an object to the person with the tinsel. The person then must create a picture or word using the tinsel! First team to guess right is the winner.

Santa’s Delivery Game

All you need for this simple but fun game is loads of wrapped boxes that are different shapes and sizes. Place two tables at each side of the room, place all the gifts on one of the tables. Get someone to sit at the empty table so they can keep count of the gifts. Then you start by getting the two teams to carry the gifts to the empty table. Any packages that fall on the floor will be picked up by the the person keeping score. The team that delivers the most packages are the winners – the faster the gifts are delivered, the better!

So, there you have it. Try these party game ideas to help your Christmas party to life and ensure that your players have a great time!

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