Film4 Summer Screen 2019

Film4 are collaborating with Somerset House once again. It is for a presentation of outdoor screenings under the stars. Ladies and gents, get ready for this grand event. It is bound to bring you a unique cinematic experience…

Film4 made it official that this year's Summer Screen series will run until 21st August. Guess what? The full timetable has now been set for a programme of outdoor screenings of new and classic films. It will take place in the Somerset House courtyard.

2019 also marks Somerset House's 200th outdoor screening. For the first time, viewers can choose and enhance their seating. That is, going classic with novel director’s chairs or opting for the cosy and chubby bean bags.

The wide-ranging programme displays major awards favourites. These include tender romance ‘’God’s Own Country’’ and ‘’Marvel’s Black Panther’’. Plus, the older cult classics – delight in the hazy glory of Richard Linklater’s love stories ‘’Before Sunrise’’ and ‘’Before Sunset’’.  And not to forget, the exceptional adventure/comedy ‘’The Princess Bride’’, as well as taking a trip to the UK of days gone by with Shane Meadows' ‘’This Is England’’.

Kicking off minutes will be the anticipated UK opening of Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar's new movie. It is none other than ‘’Pain and Glory’’. It features Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz. The movie will be presented by Almodóvar in person at the Film4 screening.

Take a peek at the full schedule of the 2019 Film4 Summer Screen series:

  • 8 August (Thursday) – Opening Night UK Debut: ‘’Pain and Glory’’, presented by Pedro Almodóvar
  • 9 August (Friday) – ‘’Black Panther’’
  • 10 August (Saturday) – Nicolas Cage special double bill – ‘’Wild at Heart + Mandy’’
  • 11 August (Sunday) – ‘’The Princess Bride’’
  • 12 August (Monday) – ‘’The Matrix’’
  • 13 August (Tuesday) – ‘’God’s Own Country’’
  • 14 August (Wednesday) – ‘’This Is England’’
  • 15 August (Thursday) – ‘’Straight Outta Compton’’
  • 16 August (Friday) – Double Bill: ‘’Before Sunrise + Before Sunset’’
  • 17 August (Saturday) – Double Bill: ‘’Get Out + They Live’’
  • 18 August (Sunday) – ‘’Clueless’’
  • 19 August (Monday) – ‘’Reservoir Dogs’’
  • 20 August (Tuesday) – ‘’The Piano’’
  • 21 August (Wednesday) – Closing Night UK Premiere: ‘’Inna de Yard’’


Opening Times, Venue Details & Ticket Price

Doors open at 6.30pm at Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA. When it comes to the ticket price, it is set at £20.75. You can book online on the official website of Somerset House itself -

Brace yourself guys… you are about to witness an outdoor cinema at its finest!

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