DIY Christmas Decos by Betty Balls

Do you feel like your Christmas decorations need a second life? Some of them might be broken or fading with time. But do you really need to buy new ones?  Roll up your sleeves as you might like our brilliant ideas.

Christmas Balls

Are your Christmassy Balls no longer glittering and faded? Let’s give them a makeover! All you need to do is take some old newspapers and glue it to the Christmas balls. Then, sprinkle some glitters on these to give them a new look. Lovely they will be!

Christmas Lights

For the Christmas lights, you can still keep the ones that you have. However, there is a way to give them a new life. Take some artificial twigs and some tinsels, and glue it to the Christmas lights. Just imagine greeneries enlightened by lights hanging all around the place…indeed that would be gorgeous.


A wreath hanging on the door is a symbol of Christmas’s welcome. For an original one, collect some corks and glue them together to form a lovely wreath. To make it more appealing, you can just glue some tinsel or paint it in different colours.

Outside Decorations

And for the outdoors, it should be mesmerising. But how? You can gather some burnt bulbs and paint them in Christmas colours like red, white, green, gold or any of your favourite colours. You can then hang these on the doorway, or in your garden. It will surely bring on the Christmassy vibes.

You can also take a piece of wood and make some beautiful drawings on it, or write a simple welcome like “Merry Christmas”. This can hang on your door to welcome Santa Claus…Ho! Ho! Ho!

Just like Lucky Pants Bingo, why not go original this year? If you have any Do-it-Yourself ideas that can make Lucky Pants Bingo's Christmas happier, do not hesitate to hop into Lucky Stripes and share this with our friendly Chat hosts. Or you can just hop onto our Lucky Pants Bingo Facebook page, and tell us more about your ideas!

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