Defy Your Age

Ladies and gents, this is for you. It’s so difficult to stay young, especially in the 21st century where food temptations and laziness play a part. You know that feeling when you wake up and look in the bathroom mirror, and see a new wrinkle on your face? You try to rub it off but it doesn’t go. Yes, you’re getting older! But no need to panic, breathe, there are so many things you can do to defy this!

For starters, let’s not think about wrinkle filters and Botox. It’s quite costly. Let’s look at the simple things we can do to look younger. Straight forward and simple.

Eat Fish!

Though some of you might not love the smell, fish contains a compound that can boost the strength of your muscles and improve the quality of your skin! So, goodbye dry and wrinkly skin! It is suggested to eat oily fleshed fish like salmon at least twice per week.

Get Your Hair Done!

Don’t be scared to go wild now and then! Change your hair or go for touch ups! Keep it smooth and healthy, nobody like dull and flat hair! This applies to you too gents, have a haircut often and don’t be afraid to get touch ups too.

Groom Yourself!

Gents, don’t wait for the hair to pop out of your ears before getting them trimmed! If it feels a bit fuzzy in there, get it out! If you love a beard, change the style! Get creative!

Ladies, no one likes hairy upper lips.  Get rid of your moustache and frame those eyebrows! It’s never too late!

Do Not Over Wash Your Face!

Washing your face helps remove the impurities, but make sure you moisturise it when you’re done. Avoid regular soap, you don’t want to have flaky skin! Instead, use a gentle facewash and a good moisturiser that will keep your skin hydrated.

Avoid Old Lady Clothes!

Gents this goes for you too! Get funky with what you wear. Dress sharp! It’s true you can buy cheap trendy clothes that are comfortable! Not all comfortable clothes are baggy and old fashioned.

It’s Too Much Work But You Have To Do It!

Don’t be a couch potato! At least four times a week, get your running shoes on and go walking! Get your body moving and get some exercise! If you’re not up for it do some stretching and loosen your muscles. 

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