Nice or naughty, everyone loves a good party game, especially at Christmas. They are a perfect way to encourage guests to start mingling, right?

That in mind, Lucky Pants Bingo has gathered a selection of Christmas party game ideas. These are bound to make even the lamest Christmas party entertaining. Fasten your seatbelts for the panoply of fun that is in store for you!


Charades is a traditional party game. No talking is allowed! Prepare a group of people to predict the clue by acting things out with your body. Charades can be played with any size group. However, it is recommended to get a group size of 4-6 people per team.

You can set up the clues by writing funny situations, famous people, actions or things on small slips of paper. In the event that you cannot think of clues, you can try the following sample word list: Driving a taxi, Supermodel, scoring in football, baking a cake, late for work, Skydiving, going shopping or winning a singing contest.

Who Am I

Who Am I is a great game for Christmas where you might want to get people to interact. It plays out according to very specific rules and is extremely simple. Select one name for each person playing. But you shouldn’t let any of the players see the name until the game starts. The names can be of any people you know, such as historical figures, storybook characters, animated characters or celebrities.

Stick one label on each person’s forehead! Remember, you shouldn’t allow him/her to see the name beforehand. Each one gets 20 "yes or no" questions to find out who he/she is. For example, he/she can ask "Am I alive?", "Am I real person?", "Am I a male?", "Am I in a current movie?", "Did I invent something?" and so forth. Each player has to roam around the room to ask other people the questions.

Human Christmas Tree

Human Christmas Tree is yet another enticing party game. You must divide your group into teams of 4 or 5: one player will be the ‘’Christmas Tree’’ while the others will be the decorators. What’s important is that you must give each team a decorating kit. This includes fairy lights, tinsel, Christmas decorations and a star for the top of the tree. You may also add crepe paper and/or face paint, scissors and tape.

All set? Allow them 15-20 minutes to decorate their team member as a human Christmas tree. Once the time is up, you can turn out the lights and watch them light up! Plus, the team with the best tree should be awarded a prize. It’s essential!

Fish Bowl

Fishbowl is an entertaining team game for a larger group of people around 10 to 20. The objective is for team members to predict a word by using one of three ways – by acting out the word, by giving a description or saying only a single describing word. Each round has specific rules. Why is it called Fishbowl? That’s because slips of paper containing the words are placed in a fishbowl.

Usually, the group of players are divided into 2 teams – A and B. Team A starts Round 1 while Team B starts Round 2. For instance, if Team A gets the lowest score, it goes first in Round 3. Members of each team should guess as many words as possible in one minute. Both teams will earn points based on how many words are guessed correctly. At the end of all three rounds, the team with the most points wins!

Name the Christmas Song

Hmm, how well do you know the various Christmas carols? The goal of this exciting game is to simply guess the Christmas carol song. You must first separate each of your visitors into teams of 4. But you can have each team sit together. Follow by briefing everyone about the game! Usually, you can find a playlist on YouTube, get a Christmas CD or say a line of lyrics from a Christmas carol.

Now each team must write down the name of the Christmas Carol song. You can give them at least 4-5 minutes to note down their guess. Once everyone is ready, provide the correct answers. Each correct answer is awarded 1 point. Obviously, the team with the highest points wins the game.

So, which of these are you going to try on your next Christmas Party?

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