Have you got your lucky pants on? If not then pick one off the line and begin your journey with the nutty balls that Lucky Pants Bingo has.  Welcome to the Lucky Pants Bingo community!  Through this section you will be kept abreast of all the latest news, promotions, game releases and everything of interest which goes on at Lucky Pants Bingo.

Launched in 2013, Lucky Pants Bingo is now well established and enjoying its mission of keeping all members smiling from ear to ear! Key to this task are the many prizes and promotions that are awarded on a daily basis to players. The Lucky Pants Bingo community includes two nutty mascots, namely Betty Balls and Luke Pants who are always present to lighten up a room with their awesome sense of humour and also to share some goodies with the roomies. By being part of Lucky Pants Bingo you will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the country and the rest of the world.  Chat with them, laugh with them, play with them and share your joys and sorrows.  Heck, you can even post your own pictures of your lucky pants on the Lucky Pants Bingo Facebook page and become a instant celebrity!

Lucky Pants Bingo