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Luke Pants and Betty Balls are the two recently introduced iconic characters of Lucky Pants Bingo who have since their apparition in the bingo rooms stolen many hearts! The whole world is gradually witnessing the love that both share however do you know how it all began?

The purple ball holding his hat in his pink pants is Luke, the luckiest ball of all who upon entering a room would take set everyone’s disco balls rolling with his super dancing moves! Loved by everyone in the rooms, Luke was practically the star however longed for a partner. Despite having the ladies after him, none could make the violins play in Luke’s ears.

One day, when Luke was doing his cheeky chat games that showered away freebies, there entered Betty with hearts surrounding her, the only one who made his heart skip a beat.

It was upon seeing Betty in her frilly and yellow knickers that Luke at last found his love. Cupid had hit both Luke and Betty on that day as she as well was smitten with the charisma and handsomeness of Luke which started the engine of their never ending love story!

The story of Betty and Luke was that of love at first glance that made both soul shake! The video is a lovely depiction of the story that the love-birds share and also a sneak peek into their lives. Luke head-over-heels for Betty, hearts flying in mid-air around Betty upon getting a first sight at Luke, both lovers standing eye in eye with hearts surrounding them, Luke cheering over finally meeting his beloved, both holding hands and walking towards the sunset is what you will see on the Luke and Betty’s video.

As rightfully said in the video ‘Here at LuckyPants Bingo, you never know where luck might find you or your day might guide you when you are wearing lucky pants!’

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