It’s October- Can you feel it yet? The chilled air and the delightful spookiness which only means that the world’s scariest yet most favourite holiday is on the way. That’s correct- Halloween is almost here! No pressure but it’s time to get creative if you want to grasp the best costume prize at the Halloween party! Not feeling inspired enough? No need to fret! Here are easy makeup ideas that requires just your cosmetic stash and patience… and any clothes!



Spider Web

You can either be the Webby Woman or the Webby Man, if you do not have a proper costume. You can simply wear a little black dress or dress formal, or you can suit up! To get started, do a usual makeup with a dark eye look. You can use black or grey eye shadow for a spookier look, else any other dark colours like red, navy blue or purple will be just perfect. You can then use either a black eye pencil or black eyeliner to draw spider webs on your face. Now the choice is yours; you can either draw it all around your eye or you can draw it at the corner of one eye. Either way, it will look fantastic! To make the look terrifying, you can wear a dark lipstick and add some red paint in the form of blood droplets on your lips!

Creepy Rag Doll

To scare your friends for Halloween, you can’t just be Barbie… but a creepy Rag Doll should do! Both ladies and gents can nail this look! Start by applying a light foundation all over your face and paint your eyes with a pink (for ladies) or black (for gents) eye shadow. The next step is to use your eyeliner to draw a wing liner on both eyes. On your cheeks, you can apply some pink blush, and then proceed to draw small freckles with a thin eyeliner. To make the freckles look better, you can use a white pencil to colour the in-bottom line, and use the black liner to outline it. For your lips, you can use any lipstick, preferably one which matches your eye shadow. Once that is done, the last step is to use the black liner to draw vertical lines and stitches from the edges of your lips.

Easy veins

The Easy Veins makeup goes just with every outfit! To get started, you just need to do a simple and plain make up. The, using black, red, blue and green eye liner, you can draw different lines on your face. The lines should start at one point thickly, and fade as it goes. Using the different mentioned colours will make the veins look real and thus create the Halloween feel. After drawing all the lines, you can end by apply a light colour lipstick like pink or pale red. However, the lipstick should be applied only to the tips of your lips, so that it looks uncanny. You can even extend the lines to your neck, to make the look more eerie. 

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