April’s Worldwide Festivals 2019!

Clear your calendar, pack your suitcase and book those tickets!! April is here, and it came with a big BANG!! The best festivals are here and it’s something that shouldn’t be missed!! 

Take a break from your busy life and celebrate these festivals with us!! Check out the top 5 festivals that are celebrated this month. Will we see you there?


  • Coachella

The major music festival around the world! It is held in Indio, California. The event features artists from many genres of music. Which includes rock, pop, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music!! The lineup is always HUGE, with artists such as Ariana Grande, Bazzi, Chris Lake, DJ Snake, Jaden Smith, Khalid and many MANY more!!! Expect clear skies, designer hippie ensembles and mind-blowing performers!

The Event is over 2 weekends!! Weekend 1 from 12th April – 14th April 2019 and Weekend 2 from 19th April – 21st April 2019. Which will you choose? Either or it's going to be a blast!!


  • Snow bombing!

The World’s Biggest Show In Snow!! This event will showcase diverse music on the slopes of Mayrhofen Ski Resort every year in April! The performers this year are Stormzy, Fatboy Slim, Bicep and Andy C and more! They will perform across the slope. Street parties and Igloo raves between the majestic mountains and enchanted forests!!

The event is held in Mayrhofen, Austria on the 8th April – 13th April 2019. This should be one event that you get to tick off your bucket list adventure!! Snow Bombing is an unmissable six days!!



  • Songkran Water Festival!

Have any plans this weekend? Why not celebrate the Songkran Water Festival! Songkran is Thailand’s most famous festival, which is an important event on the calendar!! The festival is about cleaning, purification and having fresh air! This water festival marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New year! This event takes place on the 13th April – 15 April 2019. Large and wild crowds fill the streets for the celebration! Thousands of people attend this event. To throw water, use water guns, water hoses or anything that can spray water and get soaked in the middle of the party!

If you plan on joining the celebrations, expect a good-natured splashing!! Plan to get wet for the next three days when joining in the celebrations!




  • AfrikaBurn

We know what you thinking, not sure what this event is?? Afrikaburn is South Africa’s Burning Man regional. It’s a community of participants who come together. To create art, burning structures, performance, theme, camps, music, and much MUCH more!

This takes place every year in the town of Tankwa in the Karoo. The theme for this year’s event is Ephemeropolis (from Greek – ephemeros). The concept of things being transitory, existing briefly. The date the event will be held is on the 29th April – 5th May 2019. Join in the traditional celebrations and get the one of a kind experience. Will this be the year that you will finally make it to Burning Man?


  • King's Day!!

As we all know, on the 27th of April 2019 is King’s Day in Amsterdam. Take it from us!!! If you like all day street parties, then make sure you visit Amsterdam for the biggest street party yet! This event is to celebrate King Willem-Alexandre’s birthday. The whole country takes the day off work, to dress up in the national colour orange!

Live performers will be honouring the King and showering us with killer music!! The artist that will be performing is Benny Rodrigues, Franky Rizardo, Luuk Van Dijk and many more! King’s Day bring the people together for a special night! Are you ready to party the night away? We sure are!!! 

So many choices, so little time! Have you decided which festival you would love to attend?? Remember to let some of the steam off and spread your wings, breathe in the full experience!!

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