£50K in a Sleigh Winners

Santa was certainly present at Lucky Pants Bingo in December and he made a fabulous entry with the 50K in a Sleigh promotion. You have heard it right! Prizes worth a massive £50,000 were awarded to over 3,000 players during the festive season!

£50K in a Sleigh has been one of the main promotion the past month, and loads of players have shown their interest by being part of it. Overall, this promotion has been a real success during the four weeks when it was active. Cash prizes, bonuses and free spins were awarded to those who opted in this fantastic promo.

A round of applause goes to our top lucky winners! Dannielle101 walked away with a Family Holiday worth £2,000 during the first week while StruckMold grabbed the top cash prize of 2,000 during the second week. On the third week, a Tech Bundle worth £2,000 was awarded to monicau. And on the final week of the 50K in a Sleigh promo, Lucky1976 opted for 2,000 real cash!

That’s not all, as during this promotional period, a total of eight players won £1,000 real cash, while twelve players received a cash prize of £500 each. 16 winners walked away with £250 each and another 20 players won £100 each. There were also other real cash prizes of £50, £10 and £5 that were given to 320 winners! On top of that, over 2500 players received bonus money prizes of either £2, £5, £10, £20, £30 or £50 each during these four weeks.

Keep your lucky pants on, as the team at Lucky Pants Bingo is planning an amazing year full of surprises and new type of promotions to leave their mark on 2017 too. Every month you will benefit from cutting edge technologies to enjoy the best gaming experience with new exciting games.

Interact and share your expectations from your favourite online bingo site in 2017 on their Facebook Page. Your wishes could well be granted!

Stay tuned for a blissful 2017 at Lucky Pants Bingo!

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