10 Things To Do For The Last Month Of Autumn!

Mother Nature may be leaving her golden foliage to wear the snow-white covers of winter soon! Wouldn’t it be nice if you take a moment to embrace the last sights of autumn… you know, just for fun! Here’s a list of the fun activities that might make you miss Autumn even more… unless you’re looking forward to the candies and presents of Christmas!

Bake A Pie: In a time where the environment is generous with pumpkins and apples, it’s not difficult to get them on your plates! Pick the best cherries, grab the apples or be prepared to slice the pumpkins. If it’s not a tradition to end Autumn with a pie, then we don’t know what it is!

Leaf-Peeping: Catch the last golden views of autumn by going through a forest. For sure, most of the leaves have fallen by now. But rest assured, Oaks and Willows are some of the trees which lose their foliage last!

Host A Bonfire: Shorter days and cooler weather make the perfect ingredients to host a bonfire night. Put your grill out, grab some tasty S’mores bars and light the fire! With your friends, you can gather around the cosy warmth, no cold winds may break the bond!

Photography: When the trees stand bare and the weather is gloomy, some might see it as the perfect time for photography. Capture the wildlife and flora, without forgetting the joy of people as they cherish the last days of Autumn. Create some memories worth remembering!

Enjoy The Last Sip Of Pumpkin Spice Latte: Is it even Autumn without pumpkin spice? Before your local coffee shop stops selling the all-time favourite pumpkin spice latte, you might want to give it one last chance to flow through your veins!!! Don’t forget to bring along your friends!

Have A Movie Night: Sometimes the cold kicks in a little too much to go outside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Sneak beneath some blankets, pop the corns and grab a few horror or suspense movies. They’ll go well with the chilly nights of late autumn!

A Donation: Autumn is a time of abundance and what better way to share the abundance other than making some donations to the homeless or poor? Whether it is clothes or food… or that pie you baked - following point 1 above, it’s always great to put a smile on a face!

Wear Orange for a Day: Choose a day when you’ll wear everything orange in remembrance of the fading season. Orange coats, shirts, socks… pants! You name it! Bring it to another level by choosing to eat only orange foods. What a unique way to celebrate the end of autumn!

Venture Through A Corn Maze: Getting lost in a corn maze can be a lot of fun! The rush and thrill as you search for a way out are both spooky and exciting in all the right ways. Make sure to have a mobile though… in case you truly lose yourself amongst the corn.

Make Your Own List: Of course! A must-do thing to end Autumn might be making your own list of must-dos for Autumn. Think of things that are only possible in the Autumn. That’s what will make it more fun!

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