Winner Stories

  • glamgran22 grabbed £913.62

    glamgran22 grabbed £913.62

    On Riverboat Gambler slot. Plain sailing!

  • laz1955 won £641.00 on Koi Princess

    laz1955 won £641.00 on Koi Princess

    "Suddenly I got 1000s of coins!"

  • tas1979 won £50,200!

    tas1979 won £50,200!

    On Rainbow Riches Pick 'n' Mix - "I did not expect this!"

  • theozman44 won £50,000!

    theozman44 won £50,000!

    On Jewel in The Crown instant game

  • bossyboots370 won £2,550.40 on Fluffy Too slot

    bossyboots370 won £2,550.40 on Fluffy Too slot

    "A great start to 2017!"

  • fran666 won £1,250.00

    fran666 won £1,250.00

    on Money Mad Martians Cosmic Cash!

  • chewy2101 won £533.60 on Hercules High & Mighty slot

    chewy2101 won £533.60 on Hercules High & Mighty slot

    "That was awesome!" 

  • wtg

    sarahc71 won Baileys Mini Delights...

    ... in the bingo chat rooms! 

  • 50k sleigh £100

    marmite963 won £100

    "I love Lucky Pants, I really mean it!"

  • 50k sleigh cash winner

    lynz1230 won £250

    "Absolutley fabulous…"

  • Ebby078 won £1,500 | Jazz Cat Progressive

    Ebby078 won £1,500 | Jazz Cat Progressive

    "I'm ecstatic... it came at the right time!"

  • 50k sleigh

    kazzab99 won £250

    "A nice surprise!"

  • kenilworth5050 won a 55

    kenilworth5050 won a 55" Samsung Smart TV!

    "I do not really win anything... I'm delighted!"

  • yazie07 won £250 Prize Draw cash

    yazie07 won £250 Prize Draw cash

    Brilliant! I never win anything. This is fantastic!

  • grace62 won £250 Patio Furniture

    grace62 won £250 Patio Furniture

    "Wow - I LOVE Lucky Pants Bingo"

  • triciaht won £250 cash

    triciaht won £250 cash

    In the Great British Giveaway Prize Draw! 

  • StruckMold won £250 Patio Furniture

    StruckMold won £250 Patio Furniture

    In the Great British Giveaway!

  • rugby23 won £100 Theme Park vouchers

    rugby23 won £100 Theme Park vouchers

    "Just goes to show, anyone can win!"

  • instant win

    kateali won £1,500

    On Jackpot Cherries slot. 

  • Hotwin1965 won £1,200

    Hotwin1965 won £1,200

    On Grease: Danny & Sandy slot

  • kayla2212 won £6,131.00

    kayla2212 won £6,131.00

    On the one and only Lucky Pants Bingo slot! 

  • meltonhaze won £5,000!

    meltonhaze won £5,000!

    On a "Scratch 4 Diamonds" scratchcard

  • Helena is a millionaire

    curlywirly won £813.60

    On Fluffy Too slot

  • \dgn

    Sassyloo won a £2K holiday

    "Wow, that's wonderful!"


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Name: CMRebecca
Star sign: Scorpio
Fave Food: Pizza
Fave Movie: Despicable Me
Lucky Number: 05



Name: CMClyde
Star sign: Capricorn
Fave Food: Sushi
Fave Movie: Star Wars and everything Fantasy/ Sci-Fi
Lucky Number: 27



Name: CMSia
Star sign: Aquarius
Fave Food: Pasta
Fave Movie: Dirty Dancing and Grease
Lucky Number: 2

Chat News

Sherlock Holmes Day Special


The lucky week has begun at Lucky Pants Bingo with a week packed with freebies!

Be there: Lucky Stripes Room

Save the Date: 28th of May

Grab these: A share of 25,000 points for top 10 players

How to win: The CM will post a question revolving around the Sherlock Holmes mythology. Shout the correct answer and win one token!

Or you can just get into any of the rooms for the daily tournaments where you can grab either a share of 2500 points, a physical prize plus 10 free spins... or 2000 points! Chat Game rules apply