Betty and Luke – Romantic Backyard BBQ

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Looking at the glorious weather outside, Luke knew exactly how he could give Betty a romantic summer treat in the back garden:

Luke: “Hey Betty, don’t you reckon that the weather is just perfect for a BBQ?”

An excited Betty replied: “It surely is Luke! But I don’t really know how to start a BBQ.”

Luke: “Hahaha… you won’t have to do anything my love. Just sit back in the garden and enjoy the sunshine while I’ll treat you to my very own barbecue speciality.”

Betty jumps from her seat: “Lucky me! Let me at least help out by making a salad though…”

Both love birds then gathered everything they required for the BBQ and salad, and headed outdoor to the backyard garden.

Luke while mixing the raw meat with different ingredients: “Betty, you’re going to love this. All I need is some ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, honey, mustard, powdered garlic and some hot cayenne pepper. It’s an old recipe from my bingo ball grandma. You know what they say, Old Is Gold.”

Luke was quick to set up the charcoal grill, and in no time the sizzling sound and heavenly aroma of the BBQ ribs filled in the air.

While lounging on a blanket that she had placed on the grass, Betty contemplated the beautiful scenery of their garden under such a marvellous sunny spell.

Betty: “The smell of the ribs is making my hungry stomach rumble! I can’t wait to tuck into those juicy ribs.”

Luke had everything planned to make this day a memorable one for Betty. Once everything was ready, they both sat around the outdoor table and Luke pulled out a bottle of red wine to celebrate this bright and beautiful day.

Betty: “Thank you so much darling! I was not expecting any of this…you made my day! It’s all so yummy, juicy, and with you it’s just perfect...”

Feeling accomplished, Luke replied: “Well, this is my treat for you. You’re always rambling around the kitchen, cooking or baking something. So, I figured…”

A cheeky Betty: “Aww! What if I appoint you as my sous-chef as from… let’s say… today!”

(Luke thinks to himself: “… Oh no… My games are going to be lonely… How will I find time for them?”)

Luke, forcedly: “Ha ha! … I’ll certainly find my way to the kitchen my love. That’s if you can catch me!”

Betty laughs but grumbles: “Typical. Good job being lucky in love is lucky enough…”

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