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It’s Fridayyy 😊… fri-yay-yay! Guess what? The juicy spoilers are out… Smartypants! Be prepared to chow down the scrumptious news around your most favourite shows: EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks!

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All EastEnders enthusiasts! Were the last episodes nail-biting? Tonight’s 5825 episode is about to become very fascinating. Let’s plunge right into it! Jean continues to urge Alfie to tell Kat the truth. On the other hand, Stacey grows confused over Jean’s unusual actions. But the question is: Will Stacey find out what’s going on?

Maddie finally reveals to Mel that she wants to confront Ray. The latter advises her not to, as Ray is not a good guy. As they talk, someone is observing and later faces them. Who could it be?

Somewhere else, Evie is overwhelmed by Tiffany and decides to invite her to The Vic, telling that she should bring Bernadette along as well.

Moreover, Karen joins choir practice after learning about their Christmas contest with a magnificent cash prize, while Ian tells Jean about Lucy’s death.

Another Friday, another drama on Coronation Street… Sinead is shocked to learn that Steff has been taken to the hospital.

Sinead reaches the hospital and Steff’s hubby says that her cancer has spread and that her days are counted. Will Steff change her mind over the treatment?

Carla and Nick panic, conscious that the future of the factory lies on Jo’s huge order. Will they be able to complete it in time?

Eileen thinks what to do with her £5,000. When Sean and Liz suggest that she could do with a holiday, Eileen says yes on condition they accompany her. Liz and Sean are excited.

Nick on the other side of the story decides to take a step towards Leanne. He talks to her about his appointment with Elsa and how he must find £40k.

Lastly, Brian tells that on top of the school play, Phil has given him more work to do. Cathy agrees to give Phil a piece of her mind. Brian replies, certain he can cope.

It’s Emmerdale time! In this 8333 episode, Marlon tries to play peacemaker! Will he be able to get Jessie and Ellis back on track? Only time will tell…

Marlon sees the conflict between Ellis and Jessie. He tells Jessie to make things up with her son in a positive way.

At the same time, Ryan offers to help.

Hollyoaks’ admirers, Lucky Pants Bingo has some juicy gossips for tonight’s episode. Grace tries to prove herself to Misbah. Is it possible for them to become friends?

Grace seriously wants to persuade Misbah that her bad days are over.

Misbah is taken out to The Loft by Grace and they end up dancing to ‘Barbie Girl’.

In the meantime, Glenn’s will is due today. Jesse is thinking about investing it all in the salon and tries to get Liam on board. However, they find out that Glenn left them nothing but a whole load of debt.

Bathing in passion is Lily as she tries to seduce Prince. However, her charms seem to have no effect. Lily confides in Tony and Diane.

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                                                                                        **Who wants to confront Ray on EastEnders? **

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