Etiquette for Online Bingo

Etiquette for Online Bingo

A game that has brought delight to generations of players has had a new lease on life in the online bingo format. It’s still the game Nan and Grandad loved, but now it’s accessible to generations of new players who are getting into the 21st-century variants, including the bingo and slots hybrid Slingo, which you can play on most digital devices whenever you choose.

To get the most from your online experiences, we’ve put together some etiquette advice for this popular game of chance, starting with your username.

Choose a username you won’t regret

While certain risqué nicknames may get a few giggles in a James Bond film, they don’t translate well in real life. When you play online bingo, you’ll find that it’s still a social game and while you no longer need to dress for the occasion, as you would in the old days of bingo halls, you’ll still want to get the most out of your online experience by interacting with your fellow players in chat rooms if you choose. An inappropriate username may be offensive to other players, and you might find yourself getting the cold shoulder from players who are usually a friendly bunch.

Mind your Ps and Qs

Sites like Lucky Pants that offer online slots and bingo games are happy places where people from many different walks of life come to experience some fun, companionship, and a bit of time spent relaxing away from the worries of the world. So, it will come as no surprise that most players want to be part of a welcoming and safe chat room community that’s all about playing this wonderful game. Heated debates and rude behaviour really have no place in these warm and friendly groups. In the same vein, avoid being abusive to the chat moderators, or any support staff for that matter. Be lively by all means, have fun and be positive in the spirit of the online bingo community.

Never shout with your typing finger

Did you know that using capital letters to type in a chat room is the equivalent of shouting online? Typing all in caps will make you come across as angry or rude. Also, chat room hosts can usually be identified by their use of all caps so everyone knows who is running the chat room. It’s bound to be confusing if someone else starts to do this too. The only exception to the rule is the acronym LOL, which means ‘laugh out loud’, and you’re always welcome to do that in caps!

Keep it sales-free

If you’re making a go of a sales career or starting a new business and you’re on the lookout for clients, do not be tempted to pitch, sell, or market anything in the chat rooms. Other people are there to play bingo or slots online and they really don’t want to have to sidestep an unsolicited sales pitch. Even if you think your fellow players might be interested in whatever you’re promoting or selling, don’t do it! If other players report you, you might be banned from the chat room.

Keep your personal details close to your chest

Lucky Pants Bingo goes to great lengths to create a fun and safe environment for players, but the worldwide web does attract all kinds, including criminals who are on the lookout for information that can give them access to online bank accounts or mobile wallets. For this reason, never give out your personal details. Make sure your username doesn’t give away any clues to your real-life identity, and while it’s obvious that you wouldn’t give out your bank account details, be careful to avoid giving out your personal email address or phone number. Also, hold back on other details like your home address and the names of children, pets, and birth dates. This information can give criminals vital clues to your passwords as well as your movements and aspects of your personal life.

In the same way, respect the privacy of other players and resist the urge to ask too many questions about their private lives. This could raise flags with vigilant online players and your behaviour might be reported to the chat room host. Usually, you’ll have a love of bingo in common and have more than enough to natter about when next you’re online.

A safe, fun place to indulge your love of the game

Now that you know all our favourite bits of bingo etiquette, we hope you’ll give Lucky Pants Bingo a try. Whether you like to play online bingo games, fabulously fun slots, or scratchcards, we’re here to make your online experience as secure, enjoyable, and entertaining as we possibly can!

/ 29 December 2021