Lucky Pants Bingo Mascots

This article was archived on 10.04.2018.

Have you met our Lucky Pants mascots Betty Balls & Luke Pants?

Bingo’s hottest couple have been winning hearts and giving out prizes all year in the chat rooms and on our Facebook & Twitter pages – if you haven’t met them yet, now’s your chance!

You can find Betty & Luke – sometime separately, sometimes together – giving out fab freebies every day in the place that their romance blossomed… the Lucky Pants Bingo rooms! Head to the lobby and keep your eyes peeled: if you see them in rooms, don’t be shy, be sure to say hi!

LUKE PANTS became a firm favourite first:

oxfordguy30: it was so nice to meet Luke pants to night in chat, thanks again for all the fab chat games and the free cards and points I won!
booboobluebells: ure like our family Luke, and u always listen and help us and get the prizes and game we ask for

Luke’s outgoing personality and generous nature quickly made him renowned in the lobby (tip: if you spot Luke enter your bingo room, stick around, things are about to hot up!) and while he’s certainly a hit with the ladies and gents alike, it soon became clear that he was missing the love of a special someone…

BETTY BALLS sashayed in the rooms on Valentine’s Day 2014 and stole Luke’s heart. The roomies watched the story unfold line by line in the chat rooms and voted on the outcome – and it turns out you’re a soppy bunch! Stolen glances turned into a brush of the hand, handholding turned into some flirty banter and romance soon gave way to true love… for the player too:

ozone: will you marry me betty
paws1212: Ty both 4 a fun nite and love you both

Luke has found his Betty and truly hit the jackpot! Come and grab one for yourself, Betty & Luke are around at different times every day so pop your head in to the chat rooms and say hello… see you soon!

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