Betty and Luke’s Next Big Adventure

This article was archived on 25.04.2018.

Luke: “Hi Betty, it’s me, how’s it all going?”

Betty: “Oh Luke, I’m so glad you called! My house is a real mess; my clothes are all over the place and so is my head!”

Luke fiddling around: “Hahaha… same here! I’d offer to help but my consoles are all over the place too. I can’t find my Fifa 17 and it’s doing my head in!”

A tentative Betty: “Oh my gosh! But, are you thinking of bringing… all your games!?”

Luke, uncomfortably: “Umm… yeah…maybe… we could play together?”

Betty: “Wow…  so, I’ll bring all my favourite boxsets along and we can watch them together…”

A thoughtful Luke: “Woah…. do you think we’ve made the right decision…?”


That’s right Pants fans, you guessed it: Betty and Luke have decided to take a big step in their

                             relationship and move in together – waheyyyy!

The exciting romance of Betty Balls and Luke Pants has been echoing in the bingo rooms at Lucky

Pants Bingo ever since they first set their eyes on each other, and now three years down the line, we

    invite you to join them in the bingo rooms THIS WEEKEND be part of their story… live!

They say that the path of true love never runs smoothly so we’ve prepared you some very special

chat games to help them on their way. Expect love trysts and plot twists… with lucky surprises and

                                                            celebratory prizes!

Until then, wish our lovebirds well as they prepare for the big move – and be in Lucky Stripes from

                                                 8pm to see how the action unfolds! ;-)


Betty: “Of course Luke! We should’ve moved in a long time ago – remember, opposite pants attract!

Luke: “Betty, you’re right, we need our own little love nest where we can both enjoy the things we love.

Betty, slyly: So then I can bring my romcoms, full of weddings and puppies?

Luke, cheekily: Of course, and I’ll bring all my games to play -  you can help me Get Lucky!

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