A sweet surprise for Betty

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Betty and Luke had been planning a road trip for a long time and now it was finally happening. But Luke who is a master of surprise had something else in mind before reaching their first destination. There was a special treat planned for Betty, and she had no clue about it.






Betty: “You still aren’t going to tell me where we’re going?”

Luke: “Hahaha, not a chance!”

By the excited look on his face, Betty knew that they were getting near. Even though, she desperately tried to figure out the secret stopover, Luke was determined not to ruin his surprise. 




When they reached a light pink building, Betty was in awe. It was an ice-cream parlour and a dessert house! She walked in slowly behind Luke, while he rushed in. The place was incredibly colourful and Betty could feast her eyes on the delicious looking sweets. Ice cream, waffles, crepes, cakes, puddings, bubble tea, smoothies and hot drinks. They had it all!




Luke found a table and waited for Betty to come and join him.

Betty: “Luke, I’m speechless. Am I in heaven?”

Luke: “Glad you liked it darling, I already chose what we’re having. Surprise!”




Betty finally came back to reality and was eager to try some of the sweets, while Luke was already enjoying the famous Red Velvet Waffle.

‘Oh gosh! Finally!’

Betty joined Luke on the dessert spree and they ended their day on a massive sugar rush.




Things are looking good for our lovely couple who are injecting fun and surprises into their everyday lives.  When was the last time you went the extra mile for your loved one? Share the stories of how it went on our Facebook page.

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