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Here at Lucky Pants Bingo, we’re offering some of the best bingo games online. But most of the time, the classics never go out of style. We’re proud to present the best variations of 90-Ball Bingo. Join one of the greatest online bingo communities, where 90-Ball Bingo games keep the fun going! Whether you fancy a round or two of traditional 90 Ball Bingo or prefer switching to some saucy variants, we’ve got you covered. Find out all you need to know when playing bingo online at Lucky Pants Bingo!

What Are 90-Ball Bingo Games?

You might be seeing the term 90-Ball Bingo for the first time. Or always wondering why people love this bingo game so much. Well, the answer is “simple”. That’s right… 90-Ball games are simple!

A 90-Ball bingo game is what most of the UK refers to as classic bingo. It is one of the oldest forms of bingo and a big favorite among bingo fans. Whether you’re playing 90-ball bingo online or in a bingo hall, the general rules will always apply.

At the start of every bingo game, you purchase a bingo ticket worth your desired price. You can always purchase new tickets at the start of every round. There are three ways to win on each game. When the waiting time is over, the ticket purchases for the playing round closes and the bingo balls start spinning. One bingo ball will be drawn out of the lot and called. Mark off every number on your ticket if they are called. Whenever you complete one line, you win a “One Line”.

Now, you might purchase more than one ticket and get similar numbers across your multiple tickets. Rest assured. They are all at play and one good number is marked on all your bingo tickets.

Mind you… the game doesn’t end here. 90-Ball Bingo picks up once again, this time, looking for one player who manages to complete 2 lines. The first one to fill two lines on the Bingo Ticket wins the “Two Lines”.

Finally, when someone manages to complete all the three lines on their ticket, they win the “Full House”. The Full House is the highest paying reward out of all three. Wondering if you can win twice in one 90-Ball Bingo game? Well, the answer is… Yes…, you can win.

Are There Jackpots On 90-Ball Bingo Games?

YES! Some bingo rooms feature progressive jackpots which can be won at random. A progressive jackpot is a special type of reward. It increases as more and more people play bingo. And once it is triggered, the amount returnss to a default value, ready to increase again.

Mobile Compatibility

Did you know that you can try the many online bingo games at Lucky Pants Bingo via mobile devices? The games come with the Responsive Adaptive Design, which allows it to be perfectly optimised for most iOS and Android devices. Whether you’re at home or on the go, your favourite bingo games are never too far away.

Embark onto our Chat Games

That’s a fact! You can participate in Chat games at special hours where our dedicated CMs give out exciting prizes. Chat games vary, from random draws to quizzical and trivia questions. Stay tuned to win huge bags of points or even pocket your very own e-vouchers for your favourite shopping destinations. Make sure you’ve got XXL pants when you play with Lucky Pants Bingo!

Register and Play the Best Of 90-Ball Bingo

Okay… Which of the 90-Ball Bingo games are you willing to try? You might prefer something naughty… then Naughty 90 it is! Or jump onto the Rollercoaster of excitement with the special Rollercoaster Bingo room. Some things are never meant to slow down. So, if you enjoy high speed action with turbo style entertainment, Speed Bingo prepares the table for you.  

Register at Lucky Pants Bingo by clicking on the Join Now button. By completing our easy registration, you will not only get to play on the best online bingo games on mobile, but also try out the 700+ slots and casino games at the site.

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